Now its off to Dicks to see them in person and maybe hit em. Maybe its an ego thing that no one wanted to admit they needed a Super GI club, but from my experience, that segment of the Atomic line just didnt move. Tommy Armour Women's 2021 845-MAX Irons. Theyre not going to convert TaylorMade RAC TP users to switch brands and theyre probably not going to pull people away from their Callaway X-Tours. Came across a 5-Gw 7 club set of these with the blue insignia that was barely played and sat for years, grips and shafts are like new, Mid Launch 6.0 rifles with all the perfect labels. Both are pretty much what you would expect from budget-friendly, game-improvement offerings. Tommy Armour Tommy . Even as a two time per week golfer its still important to me to have the clubs fit to my height. The T/A Blades for the money are just flat out TOP NOTCH! | Both readers and customers agree that these arent the softest irons around but they are a solid iron for the price. Now, I'm not into really soft, oversized, game improvement irons, so it's a matter of context, but they have a big sweet spot and the ball jumps off of the face nicely. The ball flies and flies. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Forged Blade Pitching Wedge PW Iron Golf Club TA. I have shot some of my best scores with the 845's. I let my friend hit my 7 Iron on a par 3 and he almost holed it. Im in the market for new irons. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. See What Members Are Saying! 845 EVO V-31: 2000: 845 EVO V-31 Reduced Offset: 2000: 845 EVO-V 25: 1999: 845 EVO V-31: 2000: 845FS SilverScot: 2003: 845u Silver Back: 2003: 845cm SilverBack: 2003: 845c SilverBack: 2003: 845m SilverBack: 2003: Back to Irons Specifications | Back to Main Page . I am quite happy with my bag now. I was proud of them from the day I bought them new (Around 2005? I have Silver Scots. Not theres anything wrong with that. for each club. Regarding Tommy Armour specifically, Dicks has been working largely with Performax. BETTINARDI BABY BEN -33". A friend of mine works for Nike and had me hit their blade irons. I got mine new for $210, much less than other irons out there. Thanks much guys. NOW AVAILABLE: GolfWRX G/Fore Hats and Holderness & Bourne Polos! I have been waiting to see what the new 845s would look like have to say I would like to have seen them closer in design to the originals, but they do look good. Pheeeww, that's a relief. That said, one way to establish brand credibility is by temporarily removing external packaging to focus on the characteristics that directly impact performance. The frequency matching is wonderful and they are a bit softer than the DGS300's I usually use. Display as a link instead, Most consumers hear forged and likely assume its referring to the part of the club making contact with the ball. Has anyone played those? Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro Others dont like the lack of custom options available. The very first Tommy Armour irons weren't made by Tommy Armour at all, but by MacGregor, and for a very good reason: there was no Tommy Armour company at the time. I really like the finish on these. Lower lofts are necessary tocombatthese two realities. Nike Japan Forged Blade MB 3-P / DG S300 (S) Flex (8x Pieces) Excellent Cond. I don't have many complaints for my Hogans, but finding a set of forged blades for $79 is too good to be true! SirShanksAlot I can't believe they put such crappy looking grips on such nice looking clubs. You are the ones that talk about the importance of getting fit and I agree with that. Year 2006 ; Brand Tommy Armour; Head Weight . Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot 48* Pitching Wedge. First round I played with them, I shot a 76 (I have not done that for nearly 20 years). Absolute smart buy! Titleist 915H 3 Diamana, Titleist 915H 4 Diamana ADD TO CART. Bangkok, Thailand. Picked up the TA1 set used for 119.00, 4,5 hybrid 6-PW. The M silverbacks are in my bag now and the best blades or irons Ive ever played period. They are alright to hit with but I think the curved topline on the 3-7 iron is annoying. Im glad they added the forged line. Chris is a self-diagnosed equipment and golf junkie with a penchant for top-shelf ice cream. When I saw the 845 forged, I thought, TaylorMade P790? I checked the lofts and lies and they were almost all correct out of the box. The forged blade version has a wide sole and actually looks forgiving for a blade. I gamed them till the end of last year when I picked up as set of used Callaway Diablo Edges talk about a totally different look at address. Nice looking sticks! I have heard that the forging is a bit hard and you can't adjust the heads more than a degree or you may break the head. Since then, I have purchased 5 sets of irons and sold 3 of them. Pasted as rich text. The best story will receive the #1/500 set of TommyArmour845 Forged irons. of a club. The 845s are on my list. That is crazy light for a blade. Better hurry! I don't have exceptional clubhead speed so I noticed right away the higher trajectory and longer distance. You can post now and register later. Im sure they play fine for the segment they are intended to target. The only difference is the price tag and your swing. I actually find them very forgiving and sweet to hit. This site is best viewed in a modern browser with JavaScript enabled. then I returned to the same always club selection, and all was ok, Ive not lost distance, and the feeling hitting the ball is completely different with this clubs. Theres an easy marketing story to tell and because everyone has personal experience and history, the company can tell a single story that applies to each consumer a little differently. Great club for anyone who wants consistency and the ability to try the big shots when necessary. tmdj1234. :drinks: Just received my set from Rock Bottom Golf today with Rifle 6.0 shafts for $148 (($150 -10% discount with code + shipping). Mine just arrived - they are definitely on the short and flat side, which is fine by me. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); by Golf! R300 with brand new red/black multi compound grips tricky, welcome to the forum. I hit a high ball and always thought that the DGS300 were the best fit for me. $499.99 *. Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot 8 Iron - NICE! ), and still use today. The more calculated reply is that static loft doesnt matter nearly as much as dynamic loft (the amount of loft presented to the ball at impact). I love the feel of this shaft also. Dont compare these to the original 845sit a different company and they could have called these clubs by any name, but Dicks & Golf Galaxy is trying to make $$$ and make you think Tommy Armour has come back from the grave! Sure enough, I see a set of TA Blades at a golf shop and the guy says to give these a try. Great value for the money (I see them all over Ebay for around $100.). Mine have the Rifle 6.0 shafts which are excellent shafts. Well I don't think I'm gonna rush out and spend the money on anything else. The Silver Scot CB's are forgiving with distance to match. Shipping Available. 12 hdc 2 aces. I had a set of these about 20 years ago. If I remembered correctly, the set was around $200 brand new ( 3-PW ). I was not let down. Once again I scratch my head on you guys promoting a Dicks product. MyGolfSpy Integrity in Advertising Promise. I know some of you are saying is he serious? This also makes the design more forgiving. They stand up very nicely and don't show the wear of a typical forged club. Looking for a blade without breaking the bank? I used to play the Mizuno MP-14s and still consider them to be the benchmark for blade irons. Personally Im getting tired of all the inflated pricing on the name brand golf clubs that provide very little (if any) advantage for the average golfer. 2023 Arnold Palmer Invitational - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 The Honda Classic - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Genesis Invitational - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Waste Management Phoenix Open - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am - Discussion and Links to all photos, 2023 HSBC Women's World Championship (Mar 02 - 05), Byron Morgan best for your balls DH89 & the elusive DBCM 8802, TWO PUTTERS - ONE POST. I have been playing cavity backed clubs (the same set) for about 9 years and decided, I think its time for some new irons, as everything else in my bag is new. I have tried two Callaway models, Cleveland, Hogan and a custom built set. I'm lefthanded so finding blades has always been a real problem for me. I've taken them to the range and played one round with them. I will go hit the clubs when I have a chance at our Golf Galaxy. You can bend these clubs around the moon if ya have to. I sent the irons to my Dad, and he like the distance and forgiveness of the clubs. You just cant count on quality service there. Titleist 690.CB, Mizuno MP-32, Mizuno MP-30. The most underrated iron out there, period. There is noticeably more offset on these clubs and the offset is constant throughout. This adds forgiveness on shots hit higher on the face. great irons recommend to anyone who wants to improve there game. MacGregor introduced the Tommy Armour Silver Scot Tourney in the 1940s, predating the Tommy Armour company by nearly40 years. Then I seen the Tommy MB's on for $268, I then called the store and buddy told me they actualy had them on for $200. The Tommy Armour 845 line for 2020 features a driver, fairway, and hybrid alongside three sets of irons and a series of milled putters. Well get to everything else but because of what the first 845 irons meant to golfs equipment landscape, its fair to give them a more focused spotlight. As of 02/18/08 they are still in stock at Pro Shop Warehouse in the Left handed model with Rifle at 5.0 and 6.0. I've read some complaints on the stock grips, but I have had no issues with them. I was able to find a set of near new 855s irons for $40! I played at a 5 handicap last season with these irons, I highly doubt something with a name brand on the back that cost 2x the price wouldve dropped my scores. $100 shipped is better than I did, $120 +shipping - and to Sweden that is an additional $40 - but to me that is till a killing. %privacy_policy%. C $49.70. [/quote] I just bought a used set of the 855's. I am a very high hitter and these irons really didn't have an impact on my trajectory, in fact I think I hit my long irons lower with them. Stripping away names and logos, equipment design boils down to materials and construction. February 15, 2021, 11:56 am, by Any chance these are still available for sale? Rome wasnt built in a day and youve seen car brands try something similar where an unsuspecting group of consumers is asked to guess the brand of a car based on the looks, accouterments, technologies, and curb appeal. You got yourself a FINE set of sticks there!!! I played with several single-digit handicap players in the 90's that hit the 845 and 855 irons. Prizes! Really liked them, but wanted something a little more forgiving and a bit longer. Tommy Armour has newer Silver Scot forged cavity back and blade irons out there. You will be pleased with your purchase if you can find them. I am anxious to try them, as I was pleasantly surprised by The TA1sRepectable Feel and Distance, and blown away bt the distance on The Atomics. I just bought a full bag last night. It should read Dumb and Dumberer . Im also curious about the Drivers, woods, and hybrids. These are hard to beat for the money. They were a low price, so I bought them and gave them a try. So unfortunately I got rid of them and played the Burner 1.0's. July 13, 2006, 3:00 am November 19, 2015, 11:59 am. Thats an important question for the Tommy Armour brand. Exellent clubs and were enjoyable to play, Does the new company designers and engineers have any relationship to old Tommy Armour Company or has the company just bought the Trademark name? like Dicks business model. Since then, I have had ten sets of irons, ranging from TaylorMade Supersteels with graphite bubble shafts, to Nickents, to Cleveland HB3s.. I know the TA Line was underrated. Its impossible to do any customizing at the website. I remembered playing some scratch rounds with that set. In this specific instance, Golf Galaxy might be the better option as it carries the Tommy Armour line as well. | The original 845 Silver Scots are awesome irons. My current gamers (Mizuno Hot Metals and Hogan Ft. Worth Blacks) are objectively far superior clubs to either the Wilsons or the old TA 845s. The PW is 47 degrees. I just picked up a set for $73.01 on ebay. Somewhere in between on playability. sheet 3* bounce is the most bounce of any club with the 7 iron having 2* bounce. I bought these new and always liked the way they looked and that they were a midsize "blade". *This content is backed by the MyGolfSpy Integrity in Advertising Promise. Cruise over to our Instagram and tell us your best TommyArmour845 story. The second is some iteration of a cup face. 845U Silver Back - 989 855 - 972 845 Vault - 944 Royal Scot - 855 845OS+ - 825 845 Stripe - 821 845 SIlver Scot - 784 845C Silver Back Forged - 747 845CS Silver Back Cast - 727 835 Hot Scot - 689 I went from playing 845Ti face irons with s300 TT superlites that were 2" over to the new silver scot forged blade with standard length Rifle 6.0 and lost no distance (added a few yards actually), gained workability, d2 swingweight. Quick view Add to Cart. However, the 845 Forged seemed to punch a bit above its weight though, as always, Most Wanted testing will have the final say. If you want to play a blade and don't want to spend a fortune; and, you can find these because I think they are no longer made. i switched to the 855's and have been loving and useing them for 2 years now. This helps me play the ball further back in my stance with the shorter irons and get my trajectory higher with the longer irons. Like Costcos brand of Kirkland products which are produced by high end producers, who actually is producing the Dicks golf equipment? Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Stiff flex steel shafts, standard grip and lofts please. Go all the way to the bottom of the page and it has the specs. TA845 matched the Sim Max in every respect of distance, launch angle, spin, and dispersion. The same ingredients dont necessarily guarantee the same cake. The Tommy Armour Tour Blades might be the ticket! and then saw that Tommy Armour had come out with a forged blade. should i purchase these irons ? Sure theyre not a buttery soft blade, but my goodness do these things go a long way and feel great to boot. Holy moly these are nice and feel great. After buying these I am happy to say that I regained the yardage lost over the years (about 10 yards) and consistancy in distance which I attribute mostly to the Rifle shafts. I was curious optimistic about these. The standard TommyArmour 845 model is cast from 431 stainless steel. Dicks & GG are trying to make $$$??!! I guess I'll put some lead tape on the backs and see if I can feel the clubhead a little more. I have been playing with this set for over a year now and am very happy with the performance. Enjoy!!! Welcome to OneShot Golf, Upper Deck Introduces Artifacts Golf Card Set, Old School Cool Ping Eye 2 Vs. Tommy Armour 845s, New Tour Edge Exotics 721 Irons Commercial, Rate Em Tour Edge Exotics E721 Irons Review, Rate Em Callaway Apex DCB Irons Review, Rate Em TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons Review, XXIO Introduces Their Latest Irons: XXIO9, Rate Em Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review, Rate Em Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver Review, How to Avoid Golf Injuries Tips for Beginners. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. Square when I was 14. Most are in my garage, a few reside in the storage locker. You cannot paste images directly. Very nice actually, I think. Melding a classic design with modern technology sounds like a great idea. Probably has a lot to do with the strong lofts, but the ball flight is good and workability is good. If the HT1770 material name rings a bell, its the same specialized steel PXG uses in its 0211 irons as well as in several of the 0311 models. beautiful draw to flighted over 5m past the green. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Blades By G.Review, January 21, 2007 in Previous Model Year Reviews Share Followers 0 Reply to this topic Performance is really similar, and for $400 less, its hard to pass up. Also the 845 sit at $500? When I bought these sticks 20 years ago I tried them on the grass range with 6 or 7 other clubs. Keeping with the Tinseltown theme, Tommy Armour believes the 2020 version of the 845 iron lineup is poised to be more The Godfather: Part 2 and less Dumb and Dumberer.. However, Stadler won 2 years ago on the PGA and Senior PGA tour with Armours - one of only 2 men to ever do that in the same season. Tommy Armour Silver Scot 845 irons. Silver Scot #6. What a shame2006 they came out with the Silver Scot series(CB and MB) and now its all gimmicks and inner tubes. I saw a set of OLD TA blades yesterday, had TT shafts painted to look like wood and leather wrap grips ( completely shot), also a set of 845s, 2-P, plus S and 60* with R flex shafts. Heres where you come in. When he's not coaching the local high school team, he's probably on the range or trying to keep up with his wife and seven beautiful daughters. The Tour Step II shaft in an R flex performs more like a weak stiff (as it was designed). The PW is 47 degrees. I am still dumbfounded over these clubs. The overall look here is about as traditional as youre going to find a thin top line, thin sole, reduced offset, minimal graphics and a very clean look. I was inclined towards a couple of other brands but kept coming back to the 885's. I got an - to me at least - amazing deal on them. The sequel was awful. Compared to SIM, Mavrik, or T300 pricing its a steal. I picked up a new LH 3-PW 6.0 Rifle set of the 2006 TA Silver Scot MB's on e-bay for $152.50 from pro shop warehouse, and I also got a set of the LH heads only 3-6, 8 at their website ( for $40 to do some shaft experimenting with. You may also want to consider combining these with the Silver Scot cavity irons to create your own combo set. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Blades MEMBER REVIEWS: Takomo Golf Iron Testing! I can only add to the chorus on these. First set of irons I purchased in 17 was a set of 845s Silver Scots. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Forged Blade 7 Iron Regular Steel R Flex Golf Club TA. But on the rare occasion that happens any more, all I can think of is the TA845s or (sometimes) the Wilsons. Fun clubs. Only one thing that I dont like (like you) the bad, bad grips (next week Ill go to replacement). Not major problems but there are still some areas for improvement. (2016 2020). Like I said, you'd be better off enjoying them. Luckily the specs fit me perfectly so this won't be an issue. JonT - were they easy to bend? By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. If you go to your local DSG or Golf Galaxy., you can get get fit and custom order them. Alert to LEFT HANDERS looking for these Tommy Armour Forged Muscle Back Blades. After several business deals through the years, the Tommy Armour trademarks, licenses and intellectual property are currently owned by Dicks Sporting Goods. Again, it depends primarily on the individual doing the fitting. silver spurs arena box office, credit card processors in puerto rico, jennifer jacobs ucsb,
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